how we digitized and simplified the check-in process
Arguably, the best part was the check-in process come event day!

Our client mentioned a pain point in their process when checking hundreds of guests into their events and the need to collect contact information from their attendees simply.

Often an easy route is to print the guest list out in alphabetical order (if that) and manually cross out names as attendees enter the event; this can cause lengthy lines, security problems, inaccurate guest counts, and the inability to intake guest’s contact information properly.

Once this problem arose, we researched several platforms to simplify the process and stumbled upon EventCreate! We thoroughly tested this platform before the client’s next event and loved the features, simplicity and UX/UI.

EventCreate allowed us to create a branded website with a custom URL that showcased all the relevant event information, photos and videos, information about company itself and the most desired part was the built-in RSVP functions.

In the backend, we could customize the registration type from ticketed to multi-event or invite-only to simple registration. We could then add form questions, a key feature for collecting information from the guests. We included questions such as basic contact information, which company they represented and who invited them. From there, we customized the confirmation pages and emails to match the company’s branding and messaging.

For the invite process, EventCreate allows you to import your invite list and send out text messages or emails directly to your guests, or you can send guests your event link externally, and they can RSVP from there. The platform also allows you to export your RSVP list with various filters for quick updates.

Arguably, the best part was the check-in process come event day!

EventCreate has its mobile app (iOS only currently), which makes it easy to digitally check-in guests upon arrival by either scanning the QR code on their ticket, searching their name or manually adding them in if they still need to RSVP beforehand.

Post-event, both Morrow Management and the client received nothing but positive feedback regarding the newly improved, digitized registration and check-in process. We will certainly be using the EventCreate platform for all future events!